The C2C online course teaches you advanced mindset tools for creating positive change right out of the gate – AND HOW TO STAY ON TRACK – to designing a life where you feel clear, confident and on purpose. 

C2C walks you through a proven process that gives you powerful mindset hacks & personal empowerment tools.

What is C2C?

The Craziness to Clarity (C2C) online course is a proven system of mindset tools that show you how to improve all areas of your life - from the inside out.

You'll walk away feeling clear-headed, emotionally-grounded & mentally-empowered in ways you may never have felt before.

Why do 81% to 90% of New Year's Resolutions fail?

Source: 5 Common Mistakes That Cause...


Because traditional goal-setting and lifestyle change programs rely on you to exercise your will-power to overcome a habitual urge.


And will-power always fails. 


At the heart of creating positive change that sticks is this:

You have the power to rewire your brain to work for you.


No matter what your goal...

No matter what change you wish to see in your world (in any area of your life)...

This online course gives you proven tools for transformation that help you create improvements that stick... in any area of your life.

Here's the big picture overview of what you'll learn inside this program:

  • 1. Get to Know Your Brain

  • 2. Get To Know Your Nervous System

  • 3. Understanding How You Create Your Reality

  • 4. Understanding the 3 Phases of Transformation 

  • 5. Apply Proven Mindset Tools To Change At The Source

  • 6. Discerning Feedback: The CC's and 3 R's

  • 7. Self-Love & Empowerment

  • 8. Sustaining & Maintaining

Learn The 3 Phases of Transformation & How To Confidently Apply Them To Any Situation, In Any Area Of Your Life For Amazing Results.

Who C2C Is For...

Sue Lundquist

Transformation Coach & Certified NCS Consultant

If you're ready to expand beyond 3D limitation and activate 5D transformation, join C2C now.

C2C has helped me so much. It helped me see the programs, the beliefs, that are not mine and where I have given away my power to others. I'm so grateful to have the tools and action to take and I am excited because now I have the power to change it.


C2C Graduate

First, I love this community - it's awesome. There are so many things that have shifted, but for me I found the tools inside the "Drunk Monkey" class helpful for immediately shifting old, negative patterns into new, positive neurological pathways.



The Craziness to Clarity Online Course is an exclusive experience curated to facilitate your greatest transformation yet.

(True transformation that everyone around you will benefit from.)


Here's Everything You Receive When You Join Now:

This online course includes 16 teaching videos, totaling over 3.5 hours of content + lifetime access + bonus materials that is accessible online from anywhere in the world, 24/7. 

  • 16 Video Trainings

    You receive full access to all 16 teaching videos (recorded from our January 2020 Live C2C challenge).  Each video walks you through the 3 phases of transformation and tools for transformation in a down-to-earth discussion that includes real-life & real-time application. Videos are ~15 to 40 minutes each. (Value: $497)

  • Full Audio Tracks

    Take the tools for transformation on-the-go with you with easy-to-stream audio tracks.'ll find full mp3 tracks of all video trainings inside the membership area for easy learning and refreshers. (Value: $297)

  • Private Membership Area (Lifetime Access)

    All the materials are conveniently housed inside our secure online membership area. Your progress is bookmarked so that you can come back at anytime & pick up where you left off. A confirmation email (with your login information) will be sent to you within minutes of your order confirmation. (Value: $297)

  • Lifetime Access to *LIVE* Challenges (This is huge!)

    You not only receive access to the recorded online content, but you also receive lifetime access to Sue's signature C2C Live Challenge (it's paid and usually runs 2x per year) where you'll receive live support & guidance from Sue + access our C2C community. (Value: $1997)

  • PDF: I'm Thankful Journal & Workbook

    The I'm Thankful Journal & Workbook is a wonderful tool to accompany your C2C journey. It contains thoughtful exercises & journal prompts to get clear on the areas of your life you want to shift and upgrade. (Value: $27)

  • Bonus #1: (Video) 4 Superpower Tools For Empowerment

    The core content will give you all the empowerment & tools you need to successfully create change, but you will also receive this Bonus Video Training filled with 4 additional superpower tools for improved results. (Value: $47)

  • Bonus #2: (PDF) Forgiveness Affirmations

    Inside C2C is one of the most powerful pieces of transformation: forgiveness. This bonus download will support you in realizing forgiveness and send you on your way to freedom. (Value: $17)

You receive over $2,900 in total value, plus a tangible proven process for transforming any area of your life clearly & confidently.





2. ALL FUTURE LIVE CHALLENGES (normally $297 each),


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I can't write fast enough with all of this juicy stuff in this training. Will replay immediately and pause it to take notes because this is truly life changing training filled with so many a-ha's  🤟



Hello Sue, I am doing great. Loved the session on forgiveness this morning. The meeting at work went well yesterday. I am super grateful and glad, I stayed present. Yayyy!!



Thank you Sue, super powerful challenge. My most powerful take away is the 3 RRR’s. I have practiced before reacting to a trigger & feel so empowered when I can see and experience the difference.  🙏❤️




How C2C Can Help You...

While we cannot guarantee your results, nor promise your results will be the same as past participants, we stand behind the power of these proven tools to help you create positive, lasting change in any area of your life that feels "off", unfulfilling or challenging.

Do one or more of these sound like you?

  • I've lost myself

  • Nothing in my life makes sense anymore

  • Why can't I stand up for myself?!

  • I don't have any energy to do anything I'm supposed to do

  • My job or career is unfulfilling and/or stagnant

  • I'm not sure what's wrong, but I don't feel like myself

  • I'm coming off a life-transforming event, where I've deconstructed old identities, but I have zero idea how to overhaul my life/career/relationships from here!

If you said YES to one or more of these, C2C can help you:

Get Clear + Gain Confidence + Create Change


Here's the full breakdown of what's inside...

This comprehensive video course includes over 3.5 hours of videos, 16 audio tracks, downloadable pdf journal & workbook, plus bonus materials. You also receive lifetime access to the live paid challenges led by Sue 2x per year. And you can access your purchase online anytime, anywhere in the world because you'll have lifetime online access.


Total value you receive = Over $2,900

Here's the full breakdown of videos + audios + pdf's + bonus materials inside:

  • Day 1: Overview & First Steps

  • Day 2: Self-Sabotage & Will Power

  • Day 3: Learning Is A Superpower!

  • Day 4: Values & Beliefs (a comprehensive 2-part teaching video with exercises)

  • Day 5: Self-Love

  • Day 6: Your Body Is A Reflection Of Your Lifestyle

  • Day 7: Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

  • Day 8: The Drunk Monkey (such a powerful training!) 

  • Day 9: Intention

  • Day 10: Gratitude

  • Day 11: Boundaries, bebe!

  • Day 12: Hot Seat Coaching (part 1)

  • Day 13: Hot Seat Coaching (part 2)

  • Day 14: Forgiveness

  • Day 15: Sustaining & Maintaining

  • Day 16: Tools for Transformation

  • I'm Thankful PDF Journal & Workbook (Downloadable)

  • Bonus #1: Forgiveness Affirmations PDF (Downloadable)

  • Bonus #2: Additional Video Training

  • Full Audio Recordings of Each Lesson/Video

  • Secure Online Membership Area (your unique login details will be emailed to you.)

  • Lifetime Access to Future Live Paid Challenges of C2C (2x per year)

  • Lifetime Online Access

Empowered with new levels of awareness and these proven tools for transformation, you will be able to create lasting improvement in any area of your life, gracefully and confidently.​ 

Gain Lifetime Access + Bonuses



You receive over $2900 in total valuable content, tangible mindset tools, transformative life skills, access to future live challenges, and bonuses.


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About Sue Lundquist

Sue is a multi-faceted dynamo and successful business owner, Intuitive Clarity Coach, life-changing Workshop Leader, Author, Transformational Traveler, and international radio host of The Gratitude Café, Positive Radio to Feed your Soul.


As a transformational coach and certified NCS consultant, Sue possesses both the life experience and expert training to support you in creating proven solutions for your 3D practical world with additional support and explosive 5D transformation.

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